Barilla Hannibal strength workout

Barilla and Hannibal – Amazing strength

I’ve just had a link sent through, showing these two guys, having a type of ‘workout-off’, competing with each other over who can do the most reps, hardest workout move, etc.

Incredible strength, with a surprisingly comparative amount of flexibility.

By the looks of things, it also goes to show you don’t necessarily need to use an expensive gym to get fit.

Casual mixed couple Performers strength Timber Brown

YouTube clips of men who credit the Pole

This is a new website dedicated to the positive contribution of men in Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness & the Chinese Pole.

If you’d like to be a part of it when it goes live, please do get in contact

If you’d like to learn to Pole Dance, A great Pole Dancing / Pole Fitness school I can recommend is

In the meantime, here are a few links to videos of guys we generally don’t know directly as such, showing just some of what can be done: – Some very strong acrobatic moves on the Chinese Pole – Timber Brown – American Acrobat & Gymnast, also very tough Chinese Pole moves in a type of Alien outfit. Also doing a few summi’s into water from some sort of lifting ramp.
– a group of about 5 male acrobats (and one woman), doing some amazing acrobatics on a ‘Chinese Pole’ (parts 1 & 2). – Some further very strong moves in a dance studio