Dave Kahl IPDFC Male Pole Performers

International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2010, Tokyo, Japan

I’ve just had an email through from Dave, asking if I can share the word as follows:

Hey guys!

I entered the International Pole Dance Fitness Championship last year because it was the only international tournament with a men’s category. I won it last year, so I do have a vested interest in it, but it was really well run and I had a blast meeting so many other people from the industry. It’s on again this year in Tokyo, Japan and on the website it says that entries are open until the 15th of September. I personally recommend it to all people looking at participating, but especially men who are often under represented in other international comps.

I just thought I’d let you all know in case some of you were interested.

There’s a whole lot more information on the website:

There is also a division for people with difficulties who would like to try their hand at competing at the international level, along with the men’s and women’s categories.

I’ll be there and I hope that I can meet some more people this year.

Happy poling!


 Of course, I’m always happy to help share the positive contribution of men in pole performance.

Dave Kahl Male Pole Performers Pole Dance International Magazine

PoleMen is featured in Pole Dance International Magazine

I’ve just been pleasantly surprised to see that has been featured in the most recent ‘Mens Issue’ of Pole Dance International Magazine:

You can go directly to the online version of the magazine here:
(And if you go to page 18, you’ll see the nice 1/4 page clearly enough about

Thanks for the glowing reference guys!

Good to see Dave on the cover too, and a big bunch of articles purely about men in Pole.

Really excellent to have the whole issue dedicated to men who pole!

Dave Kahl Male Pole Dancers

An interview with Dave Kahl

Dave was kind enough to get in contact today, to let me know of a video interview taken whilst in Tokyo, of him, discussing men in pole and the events he’s been involved with:

There’s not too much actual physical pole stuff in the interview (although there’s a few moves from some strong men and women, switched to occassionally during the interview, for ‘background shots’). 

However, the video as is, has been a good opportunity for Dave to talk more about men in pole dancing, and share his own experiences.

Keep up the good work Dave!

Dave Kahl Male Pole Dancers

A man wins an international pole event!

For the first time in an international pole competition (although there was Mr Pole Fitness UK 2009 a month or so ago), they’ve finally allowed guys to compete (albeit in their own male category)

Surprise upset at world pole-dancing championships – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

The winner was Dave Kahl from Australia, and it’s great to see finally, a greater recognition of men in pole dancing competitions.

We’re still a long way off of course from an effective balance between men and women on the pole, but at least these first steps are getting there 🙂