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A ‘Guy’s Guy’ in a women’s world?

I’ve had this through, and Jen thought it would be perfect for a guy involved in PoleDancing. So she figured that some of the readers/visitors to PoleMen might be interested.. if so, please do follow the instructions below:


Are YOU a “GUY’S GUY” surrounded by women in your daily life?

Al Roker Entertainment is looking for “MANLY MEN” immersed in “GIRLY WORLDS” to star in a reality docu-series for a major network.

If you’re a burly, bearded dude working in childcare, nail art, pole dancing or plilates instruction, or if you look like a firefighter or mechanic but make your money by planning weddings or cheerleading – anything typically “girly” – then tell us your story!

If you or someone you know is a manly guy working and/or living in a women’s world, we want to hear about it!

Send us an email ASAP at and tell us what makes you a guy’s guy in a woman’s world and why you think you’d be great on TV.

Please include your name, age, contact info and a few photos, and we’ll be in touch! Applicants must be located in the USA.

Thank you so much for your help! And please don’t hesitate with any questions.




Jen Cipperly
Casting Producer
WattPictures | AlRokerEntertainment
429 W 53rd St | 3rd Floor | New York, NY | 10019
T: 646.723.9803 | C: 917.216.5766

Attachment: ManlyMan-Flyer

Male Pole Dancers Male Pole Performers

Mr Pole Dance – Australia

Unforutunately, this had slipped me by before now, but there is a Mr Pole Dance competition happening very soon:

The inaugural Mr Pole Dance Championships will be held at The Factory Theatre, Sydney Australia, on May 31st 2013. It is open to international dancers as well as Australian dancers. Application form is now on the “contestants” page, woo freakin hoo, so exciting!

For more information, it’s here:

Good luck to you all!

Male Pole Dancers Male Pole Performers

Pole Sport International – Evgeny Greshilov

Great video here of Evgeny Greshilov, at Pole Sport International apparently.

Great strength, good performance, and a bit of dance in there too!

Chinese Pole Eike von Stuckenbrok Male Pole Performers Remi Martin

Remi Martin & Eike von Stuckenbrok

I’ve just discovered this from a couple of male Chinese Pole performers, during a show in October 2010.  Really great examples of what guys on the pole can do:


A very similar routine appears again at the Royal Variety show in 2011, so it’s clearly doing well for them!:

Male Pole Performers Timber Brown YouTube

Timber Brown

Another very interesting video from a very strong and skilled male performer ‘pole artist’. He’s 25, and has been doing pole for 5 years already!
The first 90 seconds are him introducing himself (as part of an application for a competition). The rest of the routine is a bit distant (from the camera position), but still a great show.
Casual Male Pole Performers

Awesome advanced pole tricks (Volchonok’s pole workout september 2010)

A new great video from an interesting guy who clearly has a lot of fun on the pole. I’m guessing he has some sort of gymnastic background (based on his poise around the pole), but particularly based on the end part, he’s just a ‘normal’ guy in a pretty typical pole class, having a lot of fun in developing his skills!

Dave Kahl IPDFC Male Pole Performers

International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2010, Tokyo, Japan

I’ve just had an email through from Dave, asking if I can share the word as follows:

Hey guys!

I entered the International Pole Dance Fitness Championship last year because it was the only international tournament with a men’s category. I won it last year, so I do have a vested interest in it, but it was really well run and I had a blast meeting so many other people from the industry. It’s on again this year in Tokyo, Japan and on the website it says that entries are open until the 15th of September. I personally recommend it to all people looking at participating, but especially men who are often under represented in other international comps.

I just thought I’d let you all know in case some of you were interested.

There’s a whole lot more information on the website:

There is also a division for people with difficulties who would like to try their hand at competing at the international level, along with the men’s and women’s categories.

I’ll be there and I hope that I can meet some more people this year.

Happy poling!


 Of course, I’m always happy to help share the positive contribution of men in pole performance.

International Pole Sports Federation IPSF KT Coates Male Pole Performers Olympics

International Pole Sports Federation – getting pole into the Olympics

I’ve just been contacted by KT Coates, someone I’ve known for a good few years now in the pole world, who’s also the founder of Vertical Dance.

She’s passionate about increasing the popularity of pole for both men and women, and has been working hard to get pole recognised as an Olympic Sport too.  Personally, although I think we’re still a good few years away from that yet, with the way the strength and technique of performers in the pole world has increased exponentially over the last few years, and the number of people now joining in the activity from a wide variety of backgrounds (particularly those with professional gymnastic styles), it’s certainly one of the routes things could take pretty soon.  What the IPSF are trying to do with improving the consistency of judging should also make a big difference.

It certainly looks as though the IPSF could certainly help in those directions, so she’s asked me to republish the following media realise here on PoleMen, as they’re really keen to get more male pole performers involved.  If you are interested, just following the links below:

International Pole Sports Federation

About us
The International Pole Sports Federation was created specifically to work towards gaining entry to the Olympic Games. After a great deal of interest generated by the online petition and Facebook was created using the Olympic Charter as a foundation for the federation. It is dedicated to uniting pole sport athletes of the world and their countries, creating a new technically advanced from of athletic sport using a vertical apparatus, making it accessible to all ages, races and genders.

The Federation is non-profit organisation dedicated to developing education, judging criteria and standards in Pole Sports. The IPSF is a collection of national federations working together to agree on how the federation should be run and is not any one person, giving everyone the opportunity to have their say on how things should progress.

Why the Olympics?
Over the years pole dancing has moved in many different directions with different genres of pole- fitness, gymnastic, dance, erotic and empowering – which has seen original and inspiring styles for all of those who participate, giving participants the choice to select styles they prefer. The IPSF celebrates and respects all forms of pole, but feels that taking pole to another level of acceptance would be best suited with the tried and tested methods of IOC. We feel that an organisation with strict guidelines and a formal committee would be better recognised as a serious contender for the world’s greatest sporting event and we believe that Pole Sports has a place amongst the gymnastic events of the Olympic Games.

We feel that by taking Pole Sports to the Olympics we are helping to spread the physical and mental benefits of this wonderful form of gymnastics, creating a new breed of athletes and helping to keep pole sports alive for generations to come.

What better competition to be part of!

How we will do this
We have created a formal constitution, bylaws and a world congress by the people of Pole Sports for the people of Poles Sport. A dedicated committee of volunteers will vote on policies such as names of moves, judging criteria, safety, medical, accreditations and much more.

We will then create national and international competitions for men, women, single, tandem and team events. All events will have strict criteria and judges will be trained so that there is continuity in judging

We currently have a President, Tim Trautman (USA), and Executive Vice-President, KT Coates (UK) but we need you!
We are now looking for the following from any country:

  • Secretary General
  • Eight Committee Chairs and three committee members for each committee – Technical, safety, accreditation, medical, ethics, marketing, athletics
  • Six Regional Vice-President Chairs 
  • Treasurer
  • Two elite athletes – Champions that represent the athletic experience.

Those who can offer even the minimal amount of support but not commit to a position are also welcome. If you wish to have your say you need to be part of the organisation. Help us create a new athletic sport and be part of pole sports history!

Please visit and apply for a position today.

Chinese Pole Dominic Lacasse Male Pole Performers

Interview with Dominic Lacasse

I’ve just been fortunate to be given a link to a great interview with Dominic Lacasse on the ‘one metal’ website.  He’s an incredible male pole performer I’ve listed on here previously, with his Chinese flag routine to a piano, who I now see more recently also holds the World Record incorporating the Chinese flag!

Certainly an easy to read article, with some interesting insights into Dominic too:

OneMetal: You’re an inspiration to many pole dancers out there, including myself. What advice would you give to those wanting to follow in your footsteps?

DominicFirstly, train a lot and reach a good level. You cannot be doing it just for fun. You have to invest all your life in it and it needs to be top priority. You need knowledge on how to train, including the physical training of conditioning and stretching and how to organise yourself. You need to take dance classes and maybe theater class to improve the way that you act on stage. It’s not just about technique or strength. Pole dancing is really new and I think people need to be be trained by professionnals from other disciplines like circus, physical fitness, gymnastics, dance and choreography.

You can also see more about Dominic on his own website, or his YouTube channel.

Male Pole Performers Mat Chinois

Mat Chinois, Chinese Pole performer

I’ve just been introduced to a comparatively old video, of a guy called Mat Chinois, a circus performer by the looks of things, with a bunch of clips from 1999-2002.

As always, some very impressive tricks and strength moves:

Although it’s an old video, certainly a good number of those techniques don’t age!