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A ‘Guy’s Guy’ in a women’s world?

I’ve had this through, and Jen thought it would be perfect for a guy involved in PoleDancing. So she figured that some of the readers/visitors to PoleMen might be interested.. if so, please do follow the instructions below:


Are YOU a “GUY’S GUY” surrounded by women in your daily life?

Al Roker Entertainment is looking for “MANLY MEN” immersed in “GIRLY WORLDS” to star in a reality docu-series for a major network.

If you’re a burly, bearded dude working in childcare, nail art, pole dancing or plilates instruction, or if you look like a firefighter or mechanic but make your money by planning weddings or cheerleading – anything typically “girly” – then tell us your story!

If you or someone you know is a manly guy working and/or living in a women’s world, we want to hear about it!

Send us an email ASAP at and tell us what makes you a guy’s guy in a woman’s world and why you think you’d be great on TV.

Please include your name, age, contact info and a few photos, and we’ll be in touch! Applicants must be located in the USA.

Thank you so much for your help! And please don’t hesitate with any questions.




Jen Cipperly
Casting Producer
WattPictures | AlRokerEntertainment
429 W 53rd St | 3rd Floor | New York, NY | 10019
T: 646.723.9803 | C: 917.216.5766

Attachment: ManlyMan-Flyer

Male Pole Dancers Male Pole Performers

Mr Pole Dance – Australia

Unforutunately, this had slipped me by before now, but there is a Mr Pole Dance competition happening very soon:

The inaugural Mr Pole Dance Championships will be held at The Factory Theatre, Sydney Australia, on May 31st 2013. It is open to international dancers as well as Australian dancers. Application form is now on the “contestants” page, woo freakin hoo, so exciting!

For more information, it’s here:

Good luck to you all!

Male Pole Dancers Male Pole Performers

Pole Sport International – Evgeny Greshilov

Great video here of Evgeny Greshilov, at Pole Sport International apparently.

Great strength, good performance, and a bit of dance in there too!

AJ Britain's Got Talent Male Pole Dancers Pole Dancers

AJ Pole Dancing on Britain’s Got Talent

As I understand it, AJ (aka Adam Jay) of Pineapple Studios, London, is supposed to be appearing on Britain’s Got Talent this evening, in a very ‘tongue and cheek’ performance.

Updated May 31st 2010:
Unfortunately, as it later transpired, it seems as though for whatever reason, apart from a very brief snapshot of him during one of the main adverts, his feature didn’t come to fruition.  I’m not sure if it appeared on one of the ‘More Britain’s Got Talent’ type programs, but look forward to finding out what happened and updating this post accordingly.

Dave Kahl Male Pole Dancers

An interview with Dave Kahl

Dave was kind enough to get in contact today, to let me know of a video interview taken whilst in Tokyo, of him, discussing men in pole and the events he’s been involved with:

There’s not too much actual physical pole stuff in the interview (although there’s a few moves from some strong men and women, switched to occassionally during the interview, for ‘background shots’). 

However, the video as is, has been a good opportunity for Dave to talk more about men in pole dancing, and share his own experiences.

Keep up the good work Dave!

bodybarre boyesque Male Pole Dancers malerotic

Boyesque – male performance

Discovered this video through some friends at Bodybarre today.

It’s an interesting video, great location, and a very confident performer. 

Although Mark hasn’t reached the same standards of tricks and skill on the pole itself as most of the other videos below, he’s certainly got great potential for the future.

I look forward to seeing how he progresses.

Dave Kahl Male Pole Dancers

A man wins an international pole event!

For the first time in an international pole competition (although there was Mr Pole Fitness UK 2009 a month or so ago), they’ve finally allowed guys to compete (albeit in their own male category)

Surprise upset at world pole-dancing championships – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

The winner was Dave Kahl from Australia, and it’s great to see finally, a greater recognition of men in pole dancing competitions.

We’re still a long way off of course from an effective balance between men and women on the pole, but at least these first steps are getting there 🙂

Dominic Lacasse Male Pole Dancers Male Pole Performers YouTube

Amazing strength male pole performer

I’ve just been recommended this link of another amazing male pole performer.

His name is Dominic Lacasse, and I think is the strongest male pole performer I’ve seen.

Some incredibly smooth ‘air walking’, as skilled as some mime artists, and I think the first time I’ve seen a ‘Chinese Flag’ with someone facing their hole body upwards!

Very impressive stuff.