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My name’s Jason, and I first began practising the pole in early 2006, for fitness.

It seemed like a great way to work on my upper body strength, in a varied style (ie rather than repetitive gym workouts), with various attainable targets to help motivate me to push me further.

At first, incredibly it took a few months to find some classes I was actually allowed to join  (there was a lot of sexual discrimination around that time, restricting my chances), thankfully though, once I’d ‘got in’ I was welcomed by the various pole teachers and performers, and got to know lots of people pretty quickly.

Being a guy, I was fortunate to naturally have greater upper body strength than the women on the courses (so was able to do inverts in just a couple of weeks, which often the women would be trying for months before they could get it).

Times have moved on though over the years.  What used to be outstanding a few years ago, is now very much the standard in many pole performances and competitions.  There are also an increasing number of people who are now in full time training as pole athletes and performers!

Men are still not yet hugely represented in the world of pole, but are making significant inroads.  As can be seen on this website, there are now international pole competitions where men are welcomed, and there are even dedicated events just for guys!

Pole Dancing on the polished chrome form of the pole (that you might have orignaly seen in the strip clubs), has now taken a great deal of influence from the world of Chinese Pole (typically a rubber coated thicker pole with much better grip, but other quite different performance properties).

There are now tens of thousands of people around the UK, and the world, who practise pole dancing for fitness only.  Many of these classes typically have little association with the style associated with strip clubs (although of course there are still those classes where high heels are the normality) but most classes are more akin to regular dance, fitness, and gymnastic classes.

PoleMen.com itself, was set up after a two week intensive circus skills training in Bristol in 2007, where I was pleased that the Chinese Pole featured highly.  I therefore wanted to bring together details of guys who I considered positively represented the progression of men who pole, as men.
This blog then later developed in 2009, to bring together videos from around the world, although unfortunately I have gone through periods of not being able to update the blog regularly enough, I know it’s still a popular resource for many men and women in pole.

Although I became a registered member of Equity for my contributions to pole (and also joined the Equity Variety Committee for the Thames Valley), unfortunately my health suddenly deteriorated in 2008 and I had to leave all my physical activities for over a year, which brought my pole training to an abrupt end.

My health thankfully recovered again, but unfortunately my lifestyle had changed significantly in the meantime, so it’s unlikely I’ll personally be getting back on the pole again for professional performances.

Instead however, I hope you’ll find beneficial the various videos and information linked to in my blog.  And if you’re a professional male pole performer yourself, please do get in contact with the information required on the performer agency page.

You might also like to see what else I’m involved with through my personal blog and my professional presenting website.

For some really excellent online pole dance lessons do check out www.digi-pole.com.  This is available 24/7, around the world, in High Definition.  It features some really excellently detailed pole dance instructional videos by Jolene, for most of the main moves you can think of (and it’s added to regularly too).  Although I don’t feature in the videos personally on digi-pole, I’ve been actively involved in putting together digi-pole from the outset, through the filming, website development, etc. as a result of my photography and web development businesses.

If you have any recommendations of videos or articles to share with others, please do get in contact, either through the contact page, or by adding your recommendation through the comments forms at the base of each page.

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Hey Jason, after watching some of these videos, I want to try to train some pole techniques myself. Do you know any places to train/learn in Los Angeles?


My fiance has been doing pole fitness for nearly 2 years, following a 2 stone weight loss I am now getting into it as well, we have a pole in the house and we both attent “Pole Blast” with the amazing Alli Murray.

My question is what do u guys wear on ur bottom half, knee length shorts are a night mare!


Hi can you recommend any cheap classes in london area as would love to get into it and not pay a fortune as i heard its a great way to build upper body strength and strengthen my core.

Thank you


Hi Kalim,
Unfortunately I can’t make any direct recommendations of classes in London, but a few searches and some genuine inquiries should be able to uncover details.
Please do keep in mind though, when it comes to class costs, it normally needs to cost more as the class numbers are a lot smaller than regular dance classes as such, so although it shouldn’t cost ‘a fortune’, it won’t be cheap.

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