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Take Me Out – TV Show

Another TV show request:

Hi Jason,

I wonder if you can help. I work for the hit ITV1 dating show ‘Take Me Out’ in the UK, which is coming back for its 6th series. We are looking for single men who are also pole performers and are reaching out to as many people as possible to forward on the message.

The show has been a real success in the past, along with giving our contestants the opportunity to meet new people and have some fun, they might also potentially find themselves a great date.

If there is any way you might be able to help us spread this message, it would be greatly appreciated. Whether it be at an event, a mailout or if you have anyone in mind who would be great on the show. I’ve attached a copy of our poster with all the info.

The contact details are:
Phone Number: 0207 691 6050

Thank you for your help.

Kindest regards,



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