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Pole Sport International – Evgeny Greshilov

Great video here of Evgeny Greshilov, at Pole Sport International apparently.

Great strength, good performance, and a bit of dance in there too!

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I am a pole fitness instructor and have 10 years of pole dance experience. My 6 year old son is showing a great deal of interest in pole fitness and aerobics as well. I want to help him and encourage him as much as I can. Are there any pole instructional videos out there for men? He currently works out with me in the studio as well as at home to our Felix Cane disc set. I know that once he is old enough that this sport will be mainstream for the Olympics and I want him to gain the competitive edge as a young child, if this is what he wants to do.

Hi Natalie,
I’m not aware of any specific DVDs for men yet, and of course at 6 years old, I would personally be very hesitant about over development during such formative years (particularly when looking at the damage caused by competitive gymnastic training for children).
As you know there are a wide range of other strength and flexibility exercises he could do outside of pole, that would be more mainstream and accessible, and suitable for children, which could of course be transferrable to pole in due course.
You could also look at contacting your local circus skills training centre, with a view to child accessible courses on the Chinese Pole.
Good luck, I look forward to hearing how he gets on!

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