mixed couple pole performance Suzie Q Toby J

Suzie Q and Toby J, mixed double routine

I realise that I haven’t linked to these guys before, but in the following video you can see a great mixed couple performance of Suzie Q & Toby J:

Suzie Q is already an internationally famous pole dancer/performer I’ve been fortunate to meet and photograph on a few occasions during her visits to the UK.

As far as I understand, Toby J has a background in Gymnastics/Acrobatics, and comparatively recently got into pole performing alongside Suzie Q.

They certainly seem to be a very well matched couple, really working to raise the bar on mixed double performances and expanding the range of what double’s have been able to achieve in the past.

From what I’ve seen, their routines are always very well choreographed, carefully rehearsed, and an excellent showcase of their talents.

I’m sure we’ll continue to see great things from this pair in the future, and I look forward to seeing how they progress.

You can also subscribe to Suzie Q’s YouTube channel directly to see more.