Casual mixed couple Performers strength Timber Brown

YouTube clips of men who credit the Pole

This is a new website dedicated to the positive contribution of men in Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness & the Chinese Pole.

If you’d like to be a part of it when it goes live, please do get in contact

If you’d like to learn to Pole Dance, A great Pole Dancing / Pole Fitness school I can recommend is

In the meantime, here are a few links to videos of guys we generally don’t know directly as such, showing just some of what can be done: – Some very strong acrobatic moves on the Chinese Pole – Timber Brown – American Acrobat & Gymnast, also very tough Chinese Pole moves in a type of Alien outfit. Also doing a few summi’s into water from some sort of lifting ramp.
– a group of about 5 male acrobats (and one woman), doing some amazing acrobatics on a ‘Chinese Pole’ (parts 1 & 2). – Some further very strong moves in a dance studio