Performer Agency

In the following pages, I hope to be sharing an increasing number of some of the various male pole dancers and performers from around the world, with links to their websites, and their contact details where possible.

The original intention of PoleMen was as a central resource for people to find male pole performers.    As time went on it became an inspiration resource for male performers through showcasing various video clips from around the world.

Now, I’m hoping for it to become both again!

I want to maintain a minimum standard of the guys featured (so will be checking off after seeing videos of them perform, etc.), and of course the guys already featured will have ‘passed the initial’ stage as such.

So if you’d like to be included, if you could send me via email to “agency ‘at’ polemen ‘dot’ com”

  • Your name (your stage name is fine, if it’s the one you’re known by).
  • a portrait photo of yourself
  • a link to your preferred video I can embed on the page (ie showcase piece of your highlights, or just a single performance video)
  • a short biography of you and your background (why you got into pole, other elements of your background which may have helped such as gymnastics, etc.),
  • any competitions you’ve been featured in, awards, performances, etc.
  • your current location (resident country, and region within),
  • the locations / countries you’re typically willing to work in (if travel paid),
  • your typical performance rates (ie plus travel) and the types of performances you’re willing to be involved in (ie TV shows, club nights, documentaries, etc.).  Please do include the currency your rate is provided.
  • your website link (if you have one),
  • your preferred contact number / email that will be posted on the website

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