Remi Martin

Remi Martin – Act Two

I’ve just been pointed to another great video of a Chinese pole performer today:

He’s one of these performers with incredible upper body strength, some great upper body flexibility, and a pretty great style too!

Well worth a watch.

bodybarre boyesque Male Pole Dancers malerotic

Boyesque – male performance

Discovered this video through some friends at Bodybarre today.

It’s an interesting video, great location, and a very confident performer. 

Although Mark hasn’t reached the same standards of tricks and skill on the pole itself as most of the other videos below, he’s certainly got great potential for the future.

I look forward to seeing how he progresses.

Dave Kahl Male Pole Dancers

A man wins an international pole event!

For the first time in an international pole competition (although there was Mr Pole Fitness UK 2009 a month or so ago), they’ve finally allowed guys to compete (albeit in their own male category)

Surprise upset at world pole-dancing championships – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

The winner was Dave Kahl from Australia, and it’s great to see finally, a greater recognition of men in pole dancing competitions.

We’re still a long way off of course from an effective balance between men and women on the pole, but at least these first steps are getting there 🙂

Free Running

Freerunning UK championships

Expanding on the theme of free-running, I was recommended this link today:
[Unfortunately the link is no longer valid, due to a copyright claim]

This seems to be part of the UK Free Running championships, with a highlight of the finalists. It was quite surprising to see the range of skills levels, within the finalists, but definitely some very impressive stuff.
You’ve also got to love the 1st, 2nd & 3rd podium levels at the end!

Damien Walters Free Running

Damien Walters

Someone’s just shared a clip with me, of one of the most phenomenal freerunner/acrobat/… guys I’ve seen so far.

You can see his ‘official’ channel here.


There’s a bit of pole in there too, with a shoulder-mount climb up a lamp-post.
But do look out for the back summersault, from sitting cross legged!

Warning.. don’t try any of the stuff you see!

Bad Azz Male Pole Performers

Bad Azz in LA

Here’s a good guy called Bad Azz. He’s been on the pole scene for a good few years now, over in the USA (I seem to remember him having a break dancing background).

His technique and strength has certainly improved on the pole, and dancing around with a couple of beautiful women isn’t normally a bad idea either!
[Video now removed by the user]

Circus Jenyne Butterfly Pole Dancers

Women who Pole

Okay.. so I know PoleMen is supposed to be about the positive contribution of men to pole performing.. but after just seeing this video, I just had to share by the incredible strength of this amazing performer, ‘Jenyne Butterfly’:

Dominic Lacasse Male Pole Dancers Male Pole Performers YouTube

Amazing strength male pole performer

I’ve just been recommended this link of another amazing male pole performer.

His name is Dominic Lacasse, and I think is the strongest male pole performer I’ve seen.

Some incredibly smooth ‘air walking’, as skilled as some mime artists, and I think the first time I’ve seen a ‘Chinese Flag’ with someone facing their hole body upwards!

Very impressive stuff.

Casual mixed couple Performers strength Timber Brown

YouTube clips of men who credit the Pole

This is a new website dedicated to the positive contribution of men in Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness & the Chinese Pole.

If you’d like to be a part of it when it goes live, please do get in contact

If you’d like to learn to Pole Dance, A great Pole Dancing / Pole Fitness school I can recommend is

In the meantime, here are a few links to videos of guys we generally don’t know directly as such, showing just some of what can be done: – Some very strong acrobatic moves on the Chinese Pole – Timber Brown – American Acrobat & Gymnast, also very tough Chinese Pole moves in a type of Alien outfit. Also doing a few summi’s into water from some sort of lifting ramp.
– a group of about 5 male acrobats (and one woman), doing some amazing acrobatics on a ‘Chinese Pole’ (parts 1 & 2). – Some further very strong moves in a dance studio