Suzie Q and Toby J, mixed double routine

I realise that I haven’t linked to these guys before, but in the following video you can see a great mixed couple performance of Suzie Q & Toby J:

Suzie Q is already an internationally famous pole dancer/performer I’ve been fortunate to meet and photograph on a few occasions during her visits to the UK.

As far as I understand, Toby J has a background in Gymnastics/Acrobatics, and comparatively recently got into pole performing alongside Suzie Q.

They certainly seem to be a very well matched couple, really working to raise the bar on mixed double performances and expanding the range of what double’s have been able to achieve in the past.

From what I’ve seen, their routines are always very well choreographed, carefully rehearsed, and an excellent showcase of their talents.

I’m sure we’ll continue to see great things from this pair in the future, and I look forward to seeing how they progress.

You can also subscribe to Suzie Q’s YouTube channel directly to see more.

Steven Retchless – American Pole Fitness Champion

I’ve just been directed to a very interesting video of Steven Retchless, at the American Pole Fitness Championships.

His style is quite different to many of the other videos I’ve placed on here.. and I’d say he’s the closest male pole dancer I’ve seen, to do a male version of female pole dancing/performing!  It’s really quite an interesting style, and seems to combine both acrobatics, with a ballet style dance movement, with strength, and grace.

International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2010, Tokyo, Japan

I’ve just had an email through from Dave, asking if I can share the word as follows:

Hey guys!

I entered the International Pole Dance Fitness Championship last year because it was the only international tournament with a men’s category. I won it last year, so I do have a vested interest in it, but it was really well run and I had a blast meeting so many other people from the industry. It’s on again this year in Tokyo, Japan and on the website it says that entries are open until the 15th of September. I personally recommend it to all people looking at participating, but especially men who are often under represented in other international comps.

I just thought I’d let you all know in case some of you were interested.

There’s a whole lot more information on the website:

There is also a division for people with difficulties who would like to try their hand at competing at the international level, along with the men’s and women’s categories.

I’ll be there and I hope that I can meet some more people this year.

Happy poling!


 Of course, I’m always happy to help share the positive contribution of men in pole performance.

Barilla and Hannibal – Amazing strength

I’ve just had a link sent through, showing these two guys, having a type of ‘workout-off’, competing with each other over who can do the most reps, hardest workout move, etc.

Incredible strength, with a surprisingly comparative amount of flexibility.

By the looks of things, it also goes to show you don’t necessarily need to use an expensive gym to get fit.

Interview with Dominic Lacasse

I’ve just been fortunate to be given a link to a great interview with Dominic Lacasse on the ‘one metal’ website.  He’s an incredible male pole performer I’ve listed on here previously, with his Chinese flag routine to a piano, who I now see more recently also holds the World Record incorporating the Chinese flag!

Certainly an easy to read article, with some interesting insights into Dominic too:

OneMetal: You’re an inspiration to many pole dancers out there, including myself. What advice would you give to those wanting to follow in your footsteps?

DominicFirstly, train a lot and reach a good level. You cannot be doing it just for fun. You have to invest all your life in it and it needs to be top priority. You need knowledge on how to train, including the physical training of conditioning and stretching and how to organise yourself. You need to take dance classes and maybe theater class to improve the way that you act on stage. It’s not just about technique or strength. Pole dancing is really new and I think people need to be be trained by professionnals from other disciplines like circus, physical fitness, gymnastics, dance and choreography.

You can also see more about Dominic on his own website, or his YouTube channel.

Mat Chinois, Chinese Pole performer

I’ve just been introduced to a comparatively old video, of a guy called Mat Chinois, a circus performer by the looks of things, with a bunch of clips from 1999-2002.

As always, some very impressive tricks and strength moves:

Although it’s an old video, certainly a good number of those techniques don’t age!

AJ Pole Dancing on Britain’s Got Talent

As I understand it, AJ (aka Adam Jay) of Pineapple Studios, London, is supposed to be appearing on Britain’s Got Talent this evening, in a very ‘tongue and cheek’ performance.

Updated May 31st 2010:
Unfortunately, as it later transpired, it seems as though for whatever reason, apart from a very brief snapshot of him during one of the main adverts, his feature didn’t come to fruition.  I’m not sure if it appeared on one of the ‘More Britain’s Got Talent’ type programs, but look forward to finding out what happened and updating this post accordingly.