Free Running

Freerunning UK championships

Expanding on the theme of free-running, I was recommended this link today:
[Unfortunately the link is no longer valid, due to a copyright claim]

This seems to be part of the UK Free Running championships, with a highlight of the finalists. It was quite surprising to see the range of skills levels, within the finalists, but definitely some very impressive stuff.
You’ve also got to love the 1st, 2nd & 3rd podium levels at the end!

Damien Walters Free Running

Damien Walters

Someone’s just shared a clip with me, of one of the most phenomenal freerunner/acrobat/… guys I’ve seen so far.

You can see his ‘official’ channel here.


There’s a bit of pole in there too, with a shoulder-mount climb up a lamp-post.
But do look out for the back summersault, from sitting cross legged!

Warning.. don’t try any of the stuff you see!